Friday, July 12, 2013

Functioning with Brain Fog -- Part III

From Flickr by David Schulman

1) On foggy days, we have to pay more attention to the things that we can do on a good day without thinking.  That's tough because our brains feel tired, and we don't want to concentrate.  It's good to remember that a little extra focus up front can save us the brain tiring effort of going back and fixing something.
2) Likewise, we can't multitask as well, either. Go slowly.  Stay calm.  Tackle things in small bits. This can be hard to do if a circumstance calls for complex multitasking.  If you work in a busy, fast-paced workplace, for example, or if you have a busy family, you might find yourself being called to think about several things at once. Others may become impatient with your need to slow things down in order to cope with them. Don't assume that others can read your mind and that they will instinctively know that you need some breathing from to process things. Ask politely if you can have a moment to think things through or to finish one task before going on to the next.   
3) Phone calls, emails, and texts will wait. Unless its an emergency or a very special message, don't feel that you have to answer every single one the moment it comes in. Focus on what needs to be done most in the moment and return messages later, when you have the time and energy to give those messages your full concentration.   
4) Store medicines in containers that have a compartment marked for each day.  Even if you take only a thyroid pill and a vitamin, it will eliminate those, "Did I take my thyroid med today?" moments.  It will also keep you from overdosing or under-dosing.  Since the timing of thyroid medication affects your thyroid levels, it's important to keep this straight.     
5) On foggy days, it's hard to make even small decisions. That's a good time to remember that many decisions in our daily life are a matter of choosing between two fairly good options.  Also, with many decisions, you can change later if you find that you've chosen the less satisfactory option.

To your health!

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