Saturday, March 8, 2014

My adventures with T-Tapp 2

Whew!  Today's T-Tapp workout made me sweat.  The exercises look easy, but the emphasis on holding an exact form renders them more taxing than they look.  I thought that yesterday's session of my T-Tapp boot camp might have made some sciatica flare, but it seems to be ok today.  I am enjoying my after-workout glow.  (Just a reminder:  I am also walking and riding a recumbent bike.)                  

After working with various patients with lymphatic edema, Teresa Tapp became interested in creating exercises that stimulate the lymph system.  Thus, the program was first developed with this in mind, and benefits to the lymphoid or lymphatic system is one of the program's major claims.  As I understand it, the benefits are related to the fact that the exercises use seldom used muscles along the spine and also work through all layers of muscle. 

This much is true:  The lymph system does not have a pump, as blood circulation has the heart, and body movement is the major mechanism for moving fluid through the lymph vessels, glands, and nodes.  Even the muscles used in breathing are vital for lymph movement and drainage, though we also need to move other muscles to move lymph fluid. 

We've all seen the damaging effects of inactivity on the lymph system.  Have you ever known someone who was suddenly wheel chair bound and began to experience swelling in the legs and ankles?  I have.  I also knew an older woman whose work required her to stand in one spot all day.  Each day, gravity would pull her lymph fluid downward, and her lack of movement, combined with her age, rendered her unable to move it upward, where it could drain properly.  

It stand to reason that T-Tapp, with exercises and an emphasis on breathing, would benefit the lymph system.  T-Tapp also recommends staying hydrated.  New studies indicate that we don't need to drink as much water as many exercise experts recommend.  Even so, drinking enough fluids is essential for circulatory health and would help the lymph system too, I should think. 

Is T-Tapp more beneficial to the lymph system than any other form of exercise?  I would love to know.  That is a question for someone with more knowledge of human physiology than I have.  

At any rate, I expect T-Tapp to help my lymph system at least as much as the same amount of time spent in any other exercise.  As someone who is hypothyroid with sluggish body systems, I am grateful that any movement helps our systems function at their best.  If T-Tapp is the best workout for lymphatic health, perhaps I will be able to detect that in concrete, measurable ways.

Have you ever studied the body's lymph system?  It's fascinating!  I am awed by the intricate systems the body and how they all work together. There are so many tiny details, such as valves in our lymph vessels to keep fluid from flowing backward, that must be in place for the body to function.  To me, the body is strong proof that we are God's handiwork.   

Checking T-Tapp's claims are leading me into research in which I re-familiarize myself with human anatomy and also learn new things.  I guess that's a benefit, too!  

To your health!

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