Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My adventures with T-Tapp 3

What have I learned so far in my adventures with T-Tapp?

1)  There is something special about the way T-Tapp gives me extra energy and a sense of well-being.  Most exercise, if not overdone, gives me a similar result.  However, T-Tapp does seem to be tops so far.  My husband has noticed that I have been having more energy and a lighter, sunnier mood lately.  I'm not ready to second all of the T-Tapp hype, but I have to say that I am pleased with this effect of T-Tapping.  
2)  You can overdo T-Tapp, especially if you are hypothyroid and especially also if you are obsessive.  I dove right into a T-Tapp "boot camp" plan while greatly upping other aerobic exercise at the same time.  After five days, I was exhausted and had to rest for four days.  Doh.  After my crash and burn experience, I have tried it again with more moderation.  This time, I feel stronger.
3)  I will probably alternate T-Tapp with straight aerobic training.  A new study  indicates that the best exercise method for losing weight and reducing belly fat is aerobic.  Next in effectiveness is aerobic training plus resistance.  Resistance training alone builds lean muscle faster than the other methods, but does not reduce fat.  In fact, if you do resistance training alone and don't change your diet, you can actually gain weight and increase your waist measurement.  This is because the lean muscle that you are building is still sitting underneath any excess fat that you might have.  So, the study concludes that if you are short on exercise time, your exercise minutes are best spent in aerobic conditioning. T-Tapp does provide some aerobic benefit along with using your own body weight to provide resistance. For me, it seems to work as interval training, and I can feel the aerobic heat.   Plus, I believe that there is some value to resistance training, as there are many benefits to building lean muscle.  So, T Tapp would seem to me to be a winner there. However, I don't know yet if it's enough to give me the aerobic benefit that I need.  Just to be sure, I will work some aerobic conditioning into my workout plan. 
4.  If you join the T-Tapp forums, you can get personalized answers to any question you might have regarding T-Tapp, especially when it comes to correct form or how much and what T-Tapp to do in your current health condition.  I ran into a couple of little snags and asked about them.  I received prompt help.
5.  T-Tappers focus more on inches lost than on the scale.  As in point 3, T-Tapp exercises provide enough resistance to build lean muscle and, what's more, to build lean muscle alone the spine.  At the same time, many T-Tappers experience fat loss.  In the beginning, this may be a trade-off.  Since a pound of new muscle is denser than a pound of lost fat, you might find that you fit into a smaller size while weighing virtually the same.  As you progress, you should lose weight as well.  I'm still too early in my journey to comment one way or the other, but I'll let you know.  Again, I might have to add cardio at times to achieve the fat loss.  

I do want to lose weight, but I also want to gain muscle strength.  As you know, Hashimoto's disease can accelerate loss of muscle tone.  Aging does as well.  So, I am all for a program that will help me develop lean muscle in a way that my hypothyroid body can handle. 


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