Friday, March 7, 2014

My adventures with T-Tapp

Me standing next to hubby and giant sequoia in an attempt to look slimmer by comparison to the huge tree.  Is it working?

If T-Tapp can deliver on all of its claims, it would be the perfect exercise for those of us with hypothyroid disease.  This program was created by Theresa Tapp and consists of anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes of very specific muscle movements.  Here are a few of the claimed benefits:

1)  Helps to reset your metabolism to burn at a faster rate.  Obviously, that -- if true -- is great news for those of us whose metabolisms have been slowed by hypothyroid disease.
2)  Is a left-brain-right-bran exercise that has a positive effect on neurotransmitters in the brain.  If true, can we say good-bye to brain fog?
3)  Builds internal core muscles at a rate of up to five to seven pounds in one week!  This ups your calorie burning by as much as 350 calories a day without any changes in diet.
4)  Works muscles at both ends, not just one end as traditional exercises often do.  Creates strong muscles without bulk in the middle.  Also, works more of the muscle so a single movement accomplishes more than a traditional exercise might.
5.  Stimulates body to use glucose as fuel to support movement instead of storing glucose as fat.
6.  Activates and cleanses the lymphiod system.  Reduces edema.
7.  Improves posture.
8.  Drop inches and dress sizes within a week to 8 weeks.
9.  Helps to balance hormones.
10.Increases bone density, which is an issue for those who take replacement hormone as I do.
11. Improves balance
12.  Improves digestion.

These are gleaned from Tapp's book, Fit ad Fabulous in 15 minutes.  I've simplified these and pulled them into a list.  Tapp gives her reasons why the T-Tapp programs provide these benefits more efficiently than other systems.  I will have to do some research to know if some of the scientific basis for the program is valid.

I have the book and two workout DVD's.  I tried T-Tapp a while back and found that it gave me some pain and soreness, and not in the good "I've exercised and can feel it way", but in a way that concerned me.   One thing to note about T-Tapp is that it depends on following the correct form, and I wonder if I might have been doing it incorrectly.  At any rate, I am going to give it a second try and record my results.

Here's my plan:

Tapp cays that the benefits of T-Tapp can accure if you begin by doing her program 3 times a week.  However, if you want to lose dress sizes quickly, she outlines various "boot camp" strategies.  Two lose three dress sizes, you being by doing the fifteen minute Basic Plus Workout or the 45 minute Total workout for 10 days in a row.  After that, yoou switch to an every other day workout schedule for four to six weeks.  Following that, there is another step-down in how many workouts you do a week.  Once you have builtt a certain amount of muscle, the theory is that you can follow a maintenance schedule, rather than a building schedule.

T-Tapp requires no equipment other than a good pair of cross trainers.

In addition to the workout, Tapp includes a way of eating to consider, as well as the suggestion to brush your skin with a brush that she sells.  This supposedly reduces celluite and improves the skin function.  I won't be trying the eating plan, but will most likely brush my skin to see if it has any effect.  She also recommends water to stay hydrated.

Tapp suggests that during the first phase of T-Tapp that you not confuse your body with other types of exercises, other than walking.  She offers fitness challenges on her sites, as well as an online community.  To participate in the challenges, your results must come from T-Tapp.  I will walk and also use a recumbent bycycle during my trail run.


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